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SPD265 SPD265

The SPD265 with its zero tail swing was able to set up in this very tight room to remove the pump motor for rebuilding.

Jekko 1 Jekko 2

From normal curtain wall installation to the factory made vacuum manipulator.
Helping glazing contractors be more efficient, increasing production and doing it safer.

360-011 360-017

When these 500# valves arrived at the site there was no way to rig off the precast ceiling. So they brought in a SPD360, with its 25' reach it was able to set them in the center of the filter bays.

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After the concrete was done for this lift station. The Jekko SPD360C+ was able to handle all of the lifting needs inside. From the 24" pipe 32' up, the 3,800# pumps, stairs, fan, 48" duct and the monorail beams and hoist.