3D Printing + Jekko

Over the last decade, 3D printing has made its mark in the field of small home construction. Now, Austin, Texas-based builder Sunconomy has adapted this technology to build homes that were previously thought too large to be fabricated via this method.

Fox News recently showcased this developing technology, which features a Jekko minicrane as part of the application process. You can watch the full news spot here.

Celebrity Support

When Celebrity Cruises began the development of its new luxury vessel, it decided to design an equally well-appointed terminal to accommodate its passengers at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. One key design feature—several tons of glass panels—presented a critical construction challenge. Jekko minicranes provided the solution.

This project was featured in the January-February 2019 issue of Lift and Access. You can read the full article below.

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Jekko Brings Home the Gold

The Jekko SPK60 has been awarded the Lift and Access 2018 Gold LLEAP Award in the Crane category.

The 2018 LLEAP Awards recognize innovative equipment, support products and services that have been introduced into the North American market between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. Judges included writers and reviewers from the heavy equipment industry, business leaders and other experts in the field of lifting.

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Jekko manufacturer introduces new website

Jekko, the Italian-based manufacturer of Jekko minicranes, has launched a new website to provide more details on the variety and versatility of its products.

» Visit their new site here.

JekkoUSA helps “support the arts” at Boston University

In July of 2017, Boston University employed two Jekko minicranes to install decorative and structural glasswork in the Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre and Boston University Production Center on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

In one phase, the construction team used a Jekko SPX 1040 to lift and place 17 decorative vertical glass "fins", each measuring 40' long and 3" thick.

In another phase, the project managers used an MPK 20 with a Woods Power Grip glass attachment to lift, hold and mount 60, 8'x12' structural glass pieces—each of which weighed between 1,200 and 2,300 lbs—to the top floor of the building.

The BU theatre building is one of the few buildings in North America in which glass is structurally supported by glass and not steel.

See JekkoUSA's newest orientation video about the MPK 20 and MR 800 glass handler.

JekkoUSA announces dealer partnership with Stephenson Equipment, Inc.

SEI to offer sales and rental of minicrane solutions throughout PA and NY

JekkoUSA today announced a sales partnership with Stephenson Equipment, Inc. (SEI).

SEI will offer Jekko's versatile minicranes to businesses through its six locations across Pennsylvania and New York. SEI brings 60 years of experience in the sale and rental of heavy equipment—including crane and lifting machinery—to the partnership.

Darrick Marris, Branch Manager at SEI Syracuse, notes that Jekkos' pinpoint accuracy, control and stability have been widely used in the glass handling industry, and have proven extremely useful in many more fields, like utilities, restoration, steel work and more.

"You can't match Jekko's quality," adds Darin D'Ascanio, Territory Manager, SEI Philadelphia. "They set up quickly and offer multiple outrigger configurations that let them get the work done in very confined spaces."

"Stephenson is the perfect fit for Jekko," says Mike Brooks Jr., minicrane specialist with JekkoUSA, and Jekko training coordinator for the SEI staff. "SEI is a well-respected business that has served the Pennsylvania and New York lifting markets for decades. We're very excited about the potential of this partnership."

For more information about the availability of Jekko minicranes through SEI, contact Steve Tucci at (717) 839-5082 or visit

Stephenson Equipment, Inc. (SEI) specializes in serving the crane and heavy lifting industries and the construction, paving and road repair and maintenance markets in the Pennsylvania and New York state areas.

JekkoUSA closes a successful Con Expo2017

Con Expo 2017

JekkoUSA drew an enthusiastic response to its exhibit during the 2017 Con Expo trade show in Las Vegas, March 7-11. JMG USA displayed a variety of minicranes of different lifting and reaching capacities.

The show, which covered 2.5 million square feet of exhibitor space, drew more than 120,000 visitors. Attendees that stopped by the JekkoUSA site showed special interest in JekkoUSA's newest model, the SPK60, which featured the combined strengths of a crawler crane and a pick-and-carry crane.

What made the SPK60 one of the main attractions this year was its versatility. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of more than 6.5 tons and a reach of nearly 89', 360-degree rotation, and can be driven or operated via radio remote.

JekkoUSA product manager Rich Caudill recognized a change in tone throughout the five-day show: "People are engaging in more optimistic, long-term planning, rather than just purchasing for a single job," he said.

Con Expo is one of the largest exhibitions of heavy equipment in the world. It is held every three years for the construction and concrete industries.

New to the U.S. Market…

Jekko SPK 60 telescoping crawler crane

This versatile crane combines the benefits and features of both a minicrane and a crawler crane, and has a number of exciting new features:

The SPK 60's radio remote and load moment indicator (LMI) interface systems give an operator precision control, and deliver some of the highest safety measures available in the industry.

The SPK 60 will be making its "public debut" at the 2017 ConExpo in Las Vegas, March 11-17.

» Get more SPK 60 information here.


Orientation Videos Featured

Orientation Videos

Lift and Access magazine published an article on their website about JekkoUSA's recent release of 4 new orientation videos to its YouTube channel, covering start-up and operations basics of 8 Jekko models. These videos will help operators "pre-flight" their minicranes prior to operation, and highlight key indicators to insure a better understanding of each model.

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Ask an ExpertAsk an Expert

Making a big deal about small cranes with Alie Shaughnessy, Owner of Boston Minicrane

Alie Shaughnessy has been the owner and operator of Boston MiniCrane, a division of Alley Cat Crane Service Inc. since 2013. We asked him a few questions for JekkoUSA's May enews about his view on the minicrane marketplace: why he got into it and what he has learned since he did.

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Jekko Minicranes Appear in Transformers

An increasing number of motion picture production companies are finding Jekko minicranes to be useful both on and off screen. One of those films was 2014's Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, in which a pair of SPD360C+ minicranes featured prominently in the on-screen action during a key scene. As Rich Caudill, JekkoUSA's national service manager recalls, Transformers' director Michael Bay saw the Jekko units on the set of The Amazing Spiderman II, where they were being used for set construction, and knew immediately that they would fit into the look of his Transformers film.


Rich Caudill

Rich Caudill of JekkoUSA Featured

Rich Caudill, national service manager of JekkoUSA was featured in the May 2015 Lift & Access' monthly "Shop Talk" column. His topic: "What's The Big Deal About Small Cranes?" Read the full column here.

Construction Equipment

Jekko Compact Crawler Cranes named to Construction Equipment's Top 100 List

Construction Equipment, a leading industry publication, named Jekko's SPB 209, SPX 312 and SPD 1275 Compact Crawler Cranes to its Top 100 Products list for 2014—one of only 13 products recognized in the "Lifting" category.

JekkoUSA Reports Successful Exhibit at Glass Build America 2014

GlassBuild America 2014

JekkoUSA exhibited several of its glass-handling mini cranes at the Glass Build America Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 9-11. JekkoUSA is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Jekko minicranes.

GlassBuild America 2014

JekkoUSA showed off its MPK20W+ with an MR800 glass manipulator, and the SPX312 for the show's more than 8,000 attendees. Jekko minicranes are compact crawler cranes designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas. Each Jekko is ideal for operating in interior project spaces while still giving operators lifting capacities ranging from 1.2 to 4.0 tons.

Both of the exhibited Jekkos were especially suited for lifting and installing glass panels, curtain walls and many other glass applications. Each offers precision control, safety, and an industry-leading service and support network.

"We're extremely proud to have displayed these minicranes at a venue like Glass Build America," said Rich Caudill, JekkoUSA's service manager. "Jekko's unique capabilities earned a 'Best in Show' recognition at Glass Build America 2012, and we're glad to be reintroducing them to companies who may not realize they need this kind of equipment."

JekkoUSA shared its exhibit space with its "sister" company, JMGUSA, which was making its first trip to GlassBuild America.

Jekko's three newest models pass ANSI testing, gain coverage in Lift & Access magazine

On August 13, Jekko's SPB209, SPX312 and SPX1275 ANSI testing and passing was featured on Lift & Access' website, as well as in their "360" enewsletter. See the full coverage here.

Wood's Powr-GripJekkoUSA enters into agreement with Wood's Powr-Grip (WPG)

In June of this year, JekkoUSA and Woods Powr-Grip's announced a new dealer agreement by which JekkoUSA and its partner company JMGUSA will be carrying WPG's vacuum lifting equipment through its national sales and distribution channels. See the full release here.

Small Cranes Hit The Big Screen

The Spidey sequel is just the first of many upcoming films in which Jekko minicranes play a role.

Columbia Pictures' The Amazing Spiderman II has already hit the big screen, effectively kicking off the summer movie season, but what you might not know is that an SPX1040 from JekkoUSA was a critical piece of equipment in the construction of steel framing on multiple sets. Not only that, but the 1040 helped support some of the stunt performers during aerial work filming. See a trailer for the film below.

In addition, a pair of SPD360C+ minicranes will be part of the on-screen action in Paramount Pictures' upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Other major film studios have seen the utility of the compact Jekkos, as well as their maneuverability and ease of use. Keep a sharp eye for Jekko minicranes—coming to a theatre near you.

Flying Colors

New Jekko models complete ANSI testing

On May 10, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) completed testing on the Jekko JIB300GR modular grabber, SPX 1275, SPB 209 and SPX 312. All models are now approved and clear for sale in the U.S.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees the creation and application of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector: from acoustical devices to construction equipment, from dairy and livestock production to energy distribution, and many more.

For more information on these new models, including detailed data sheets, click here.

JekkoUSA featured in March issue of Industrial Lift & Hoist

Minicranes are seeing a rapid increase in use and popularity across the United States. JekkoUSA was selected as one of the industry leaders to help explain why. Click here for the full article.


JekkoUSA wins Best in Show at Glass Build America

JekkoUSA was one of two companies selected from 350 exhibitors to receive the "Best in Show" award for "Best Product Handling Machinery Booth" at the 2012 Glass Build America in Las Vegas, September 12-14. Voting for the award was cast by the attendees of GlassBuild America over the first two days of the show.

JekkoUSA wins Best in Show at Glass Build America


Supporting Liberty

In September of 2011, The U. S. National Park Service kicked off a $30 million upgrade on The Statue of Liberty National Monument.

The project's stone subcontractor recognized that it needed a very specialized piece of equipment that could lift, hold and maneuver the pavers and slabs, each of which weighed between 300 and 1,000 lbs., but still work in a confined area at the base of Lady Liberty. The contractor reviewed its options and selected a Jekko SPD360 minicrane to do the work.

» See the full article in Rental magazine here


Visit Jekko USA at the Electric Power Conference

Electric Power ConferenceOn May 15-17, Jekko USA will be displaying three of its compact Jekko Minicranes at the Electric Power Conference in Baltimore.

Jekko Minicranes are compact crawler cranes designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas. Each of these versatile cranes is ideal for operating in interior project spaces while still giving operators lifting capacities ranging from 1.2 to 4.0 tons.

In addition to their surprising lifting capacity, the Jekko Minicranes' man-machine interface system gives operators precision control, which offers some of the highest safety measures available in the industry. Applications for these cranes include glass handling and installation, HVAC, infrastructure repair, utility maintenance, precast concrete installation and more.

Come visit Jekko USA at Booth 905, take a closer look at the Jekko models on display and talk with the team of Jekko experts. Jekko is proud to be both a Beverage Station sponsor, and one of the Harley Davidson giveaway contest sponsors.

For more information, click here to visit the Electric Power Conference site.


JekkoUSA announces partnership with United Rentals

United RentalsJekkoUSA is pleased to announce it has finalized a partnership with Greenwich, Connecticut-based United Rentals for the retail sale and rental of its Jekko minicranes. United Rentals is a leader in the field of equipment rentals, with more than 850 locations across the United States.

"United Rentals is now a primary source of Jekko minicranes for the glass handling, automotive, aviation, municipal, power generation and other markets," said JekkoUSA CEO Bernie Faloney.

This new partnership adds an important component to the United Rentals crane fleet to be able to handle facilities management, maintenance and industrial projects.

To learn more about United Rentals, visit


Jekko and Fassi featured in American Crane & Transport

The Jekko man-machine interface (JEMMI) and Fassi's radio remote control were featured in an article about remote control technology in the May 2012 issue of American Crane & Transport. The article outlined the different ways in which remote control technology improves the function and safety of crane operation.

Click here to read the full article.


Feature in Crane & Rigging Hot Line

Jekko and its exclusive distributor JekkoUSA was featured in this April 2012 Crane & Rigging Hot Line Spotlight column on mini cranes. The magazine interviewed JekkoUSA president Bernie Faloney at the November 2011 Lift & Access Showcase in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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Fascan Enters Exclusive Agreement to Distribute Jekko Minicranes, Creates New Company, Jekko USA, to Market Line

Jekko USAFascan International, exclusive U.S. distributor of Fassi Cranes, announced today it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Ormet SpA of Italy to supply Jekko Minicranes to the U.S. market through a new company, Jekko USA.

Jekko USA, which will be managed as a partner company to Fascan International, will assume the former sales and service functions of Minnesota-based C4 Cranes, which will no longer carry the line.

Jekko Minicranes are compact crawler cranes designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas. The Jekko crane's unique design allows for a higher load capacity and lighter boom than similar-sized cranes. Jekko 's integrated CAN-BUS microprocessor system gives operators precision control, which offers some of the highest safety measures available in the industry.

Each crane is equipped with retractable, stabilizing outriggers and is ideal for operating in interior project spaces. These versatile machines give operators lifting capacities ranging from 1.2 to 4.0 tons.

Applications for Jekko minicranes include glass handling and installation, steel erection, HVAC, infrastructure repair, utility servicing, precast concrete installation and more.

"The addition of Jekko products complements our substantial line of small-, medium- and heavy-duty equipment," said Bernie Faloney, Fascan's president and CEO. "By creating Jekko USA to market these unique cranes, we will broaden the choices we offer our customers and gain access new markets."

A Jekko on the Oasis of the Seas

Crane - Oasis of the SeasWhen Mark Hawry with Ambius saw the Jekko minicrane at a trade show nearly a year ago and met Keith Shank of Jekko USA they came up with a lifting solution that Ambius was trying to work out. Royal Caribbean was building a 1.5 billion dollar cruise ship, the largest in the world, and in the middle of the ship a "Central Park" with 52 trees and over 1500 plants were to be installed in the park. The plants could be manhandled but the trees could weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Royal Caribbean would not allow any flammable liquids onboard and with limited room to work and areas to set up left only one solution. The Jekko SPD360C+ with its 4,000 pound capacity, multiple outriggers settings and 100% battery powered, it was the easy choice. When Oasis of the Seas arrived in Florida Anthony Crane had there 650 ton Demag to do the lifting of all products into Central Park including the Jekko. Keith Shank with Jekko USA stated "The Jekko minicrane worked perfect. The hardest part was with all the different lifts not once could we put the outriggers in the same position. We had to set the minicrane up in walkways of the park that Ambius had covered with non-flame plywood to protect the tile walkways. With about 40 other people and carts loaded with plants all in the same area, this was definitely one of the most unique and tightest jobs we have ever done. We would not have wanted to miss it for the world". Mark Hawry with Ambius stated "We had realized early on that it was going to take an innovative approach to fulfill our clients' wishes that we install 52 large specimen trees in a single day to create their centerpiece Central Park on this landmark ship. This would simply have been impossible to achieve without the Jekko crane and your adept handling of it. The Jekko crane was small enough with the legs retracted to move easily through the tight walkways in the park, yet was perfectly capable of lifting our largest 25 foot trees". Keep watch as National Geographic was there filming all of this for an upcoming show.

Mark Hawry with Ambius Global

Mark HawryMark, responsible for the project Oasis of the Seas, works with Ambius Global since 1995 in the Project Development division . Ambius is the global expert in providing interior landscaping for almost any environment, from boutique hotels to shopping centres and international corporate headquarters, hospitals, schools and even cruise ships. Their vision is to enhance the total workplace by engaging all the five senses to create harmonious environments that are more creative and productive. Ambius is the largest tropical plant provider in the US (and the world) having 45 branch offices in the US alone.

The vessel was ordered by Royal Caribbean International in February 2006. Her keel was laid down on 12 November 2007 at STX Europe (formerly Aker Yards) in Turku, Finland. The ship was completed and turned over to Royal Caribbean on 28th October 2009.The Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, the record was previously of the Freedom of the Seas owned by the same company.

When Royal Caribbean built the Oasis and Allure of the seas, in there "Central Park" they planted over 100 trees and 1000 plants. Many of the trees weighed as much as 1,000 lbs. and could not be lifted by the workers planting. Being they do not allow any flammable liquids on there ships the ONLY choice was the Jekko SPD360C+ with it's 100% battery power and the ease of setting up the outriggers in multiple positions, made the job easy to handle and we were able to help the planting crew get done ahead of schedule.

General characteristics
Class and type
Oasis class cruise ship
225,282 Gross Tonnage
360 m (1,181 ft)
Overall Beam
47 m (154 ft)
60.5 m (198 ft)
Extreme Height
72 m (236 ft) above water line
9.3 m (31 ft)
22.55 m (74 ft)
16 passenger decks
Installed power
3 x Wärtsilä 12V46D engines (13,860 kW/18,590 hp each)
3 x Wärtsilä 16V46D engines (18,480 kW/24,780 hp each)
3 x 20 MW ABB Azipod, all azimuthing
22.6 knots (41.9 km/h; 26.0 mph)
5,400 passengers double occupancy; 6,296 total

Oasis of the Seas Photo Gallery